Nepal Oil Corporation Ltd., Senior Computer Assistant Questions (Solved)

Nepal Oil Corporation Limited, Technical/Miscellaneous,
Senior Computer Assistant (5th Level)

Competitive Written Examination
Date: 2073-07-28

 Key [C]
Time: 2 hr 30 mins
Full Marks: 100

Section “A”: Multiple Choice 25 x 2 = 50

1. Objects on the slide that hold text are called

a) Placeholders

b) Object holders

c) Auto layout

d) Text holder

2. Which of the following should be used when you want to add a slide to an existing presentation?

a) File, add a new slide

b) Insert, New Slide

c) File Open

d) File New


3. The PowerPoint view that displays only text (title and bullets) is

a) Slide show

b) Slide sorter view

c) Notes page view

d) Outline view


4. …….. value change the color of text into red.

a) FF0000

b) 00FF00

c) 0000FF

d) None of the above


5. Which HTML tag produces the biggest heading?

a) <h7>

b) <h9>

c) <h4>

d) <h1>


6. The ALU of a computer normally contains a number of high speed storage element called

a) Semiconductor memory

b) Registers

c. Hard disks

d) Magnetic disk


7. Communication between a computer and a keyboard involves _______ transmission.

a) Automatic

b) Half-duplex

c) Full-duplex

d) Simplex


8. DNS database contains

a) name server records

b) hostname-to-address records

c. hostname aliases

d) all of the above


9. _______ command is used to create a file

a) Create

b) Create con

c) Copy

d) Copy Con


10. Which of the following class uses 8 bits for network and 24 bits for hosts of the IP address?

a) Class A

b) Class B

c) Class C

d) Class D


11. Which of the following memories need refreshing?



c) ROM

d) All of the above


12. Pressing the combination of _______ keys is called warm booting

a) Ctrl+Alt+Del

b) Ctrl+Shift+Del

c) Ctrl+Tab+Del

d) Ctrl+Caps+Del


13. _______ combination of keys are used for column break.

a) Ctrl+Shift+Enter

b) Ctrl+Alt+Del

c) Ctrl+Shift+Home

d) None of the above


14. Which of the following is not of the merge process?

a) Sort the data records

b) Format a main document

c. Edit a data source

d) Merge the two files to print or create new document


15. In Microsoft Word the key F12 opens a

a) Open dialog box

b) Save as dialog box

c) Save dialog box

d) Close dialog box


16. To print current page of a document only

a) Press Ctrl+P and select current page

b. Click MS Office button >> Print >> Print Preview >> Print and select current page

c. Click MS Office button >> Print >> Quick Print

d. Both A and B


17. The A4 default paper size of width/height is

a) 8.17”/11.59”

b) 8.27”/11.69”

c) 8.3”/11.79”

d) None of above


18. The formula in cell B5 is =A4+C3. This is copied to the cell D8. What will be the formula in D8?

a) A4+C3

b) C7+E6

c) C4+E3

d) E7+C5


19. Which of the following is correct syntax in Excel?

a) =IF(LogicalText, TrueResult, FalseResult)

b. =IF(LogicalTest, (TrueResult, FalseResult))

c. =IF(LogicalTest, TrueResult)(LogicalTest, FalseResult))

d. =IF(LogicalTest, TrueResult, IF(LogicalTest, FalseResult))


20. Which is an example of a function?

a) Add(A1:A2)

b) =A1+A

c) =Sum(A1:A2)

d) A1+A2


21. To start data on a new line within a cell, enter a line break by pressing

a) Alt+Enter

b) Shift+Enter

c) Ctrl+Enter

d) None of the above


22. A form can be used as a

a) Data entry

b) Switchboard

c) Custom dialog box

d) All of the above


23. _______ is the default field size of auto number

a) Short Integer

b) Long Integer

c) Float

d) Double


24. …. Uniquely identifies each record

a) Primary key

b) key record

c) Unique key

d) Field name


25. Function key …. is used to display the Slides show

a) F4

b) F5

c) F6

d) F7

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