Solved Question Paper of PSC Computer Operator Exam 2073

Solved Question Paper of PSC Computer Operator Exam 2073
Exam Date: 2073-01-29

Time: 45 minutes FM: 50

Objective Questions (50 x 1 = 50 marks)

1)      IBM 1401 was brought to prepare the census report of …

a)      2018 BS

b)      2028 BS

c)      2038 BS

d)     2048 BS

2)      Transistor is related to ….. generation computers

a)      Second

b)      Third

c)      Fourth

d)     Fifth

3)      The ability to recover and read deleted or damaged files from a criminal’s computer is an example of an enforcement specially called

a)      Robotics

b)      Simulation

c)      Computer forensics

d)     Animation

4)      An area of a computer that temporarily holds data waiting to be processed is

a)      CPU

b)      Memory

c)      Storage

d)     File

5)      For reproducing sound, a CD (compact disk) audio player uses a …..

a)      Quartz crystal

b)      Titanium needle

c)      Laser beam

d)     Barium Titanium Ceramic

6)      Unicode Standard is ….

a)      Software

b)      Font

c)      Character encoding system

d)     Keyboard layout

7)      A fault in a computer program which prevents it from working correctly is known as

a)      Boot

b)      Bug

c)      Biff

d)     Strap

8)      Program developed according to the requirement specific to an office is …

a)      Tailored software

b)      Utility software

c)      Packaged software

d)     All of above

9)      The difference between people with access to computers and the internet and those without these access is known as the

a)      Digital divide

b)      Internet divide

c)      Web divide

d)     E-Illiteracy

10)  Cache memory …..

a)      Helps to store more data in hard disk

b)      Placed between main memory and microprocessor

c)      Stores data permanently

d)     Holds last time visited data only

11)  Which one of the following printers is suitable for printing sprocket fed carbon copies?

a)      Laser

b)      Dot matrix

c)      Ink jet

d)     Drum

12)  …… are set of rules and procedures to control the data transmission over the internet

a)      IP address

b)      Domains

c)      Protocol

d)     Gateway

13)  Which of the following is a file attribute?

a)      Hidden

b)      Achieve

c)      Read only

d)      All of above

14)  …… are used to identify a user who returns to a website?

a)      Cookies

b)      Plug-ins

c)      Scripts

d)     Session

15)  Windows 7 supports which of the following file system?

a)      NTFS

b)      FAT

c)      EXIT

d)     UNIX

16)  Which among the following are the best tools for fixing errors in disk

a)      Fdisk

b)      Scandisk

c)      Chkdsk

d)     Fixdisk

17)  …… runs on computer hardware and serve as platform for other software to run on

a)      Operating system

b)      Application software

c)      System software

d)     All of above

18)  The operating system creates ….. from the physical computer

a)      Virtual space

b)      Virtual computers

c)      Virtual device

d)     None of above

19)  The primary function of an operating system is

a)      To make the most efficient use of the computer hardware

b)      To allow people to use the computer

c)      To keep system programs employed

d)     To make computers easier to use

20)  Thesaurus tool in MS Word is used for

a)      Spelling suggestions

b)      Grammar options

c)      Synonyms and antonyms word

d)     All of above

21)  Which tab in Font dialog box contains options to apply font effects?

a)      Font tab

b)      Character spacing

c)      Text effects

d)     Standard toolbar

22)  Which of the following is not of the merge process?

a)      Sort the data source records

b)      Format the main document

c)      Edit the data source

d)     Merge the two files to print or create a new document

23)  A screen element of MS Word that is usually located below the title bar that provides categorized options is

a)      Menu bar

b)      Tool bar

c)      Status bar

d)     All of above

24)  A word processor would most likely be used to do

a)      Keep an account of money spent

b)      Do a computer search in media center

c)      Maintain an inventory

d)      Type a biography

25)  If you need to change the typeface of a document, which menu will you choose?

a)      Edit

b)      View

c)      Format

d)     Tools

26)  ….. is a tool in Word which apply same format to different character/paragraphs?

a)      Format repeater

b)      Format applier

c)      Format painter

d)     Format generator

27)  …. Switch the page between portrait and landscape layout

a)      Margins

b)      Size

c)      Columns

d)      Orientation

28)  …. enables several people to work to create and update a document

a)      Document sharing

b)      Document locking

c)      Document collaboration

d)     Document protection

29)  When a hyperlink is created, Word formats the web address as …..

a)      Italicized and colored red

b)      Italicized and colored blue

c)      Underlined and colored red

d)      Underlined and colored blue

30)  Workbook is collection of

a)      Cells

b)      Worksheets

c)      Workspaces

d)     Projects

31)  Shortcut key to bring format cells dialog box is:

a)      Ctrl+F

b)      Ctrl+E

c)      Ctrl+1

d)     Ctrl+D

32)  The cell reference $A$5 is a …..

a)      Relative cell reference

b)      Absolute cell reference

c)      Mixed cell reference

d)     None of above

33)  Function to get sum of the contents of the cells A1, A2, B1, B2 is ….

a)      =sum(A1+A2+B1+B2)

b)      =sum(A1:B2)

c)      =total(A1..B2)

d)     =sum(A1,B2)

34)  To edit the contents of cell

a)      Press F2

b)      Double click on cell

c)      Click on Formula bar

d)      All of above

35)  Graphical representation of worksheet data

a)      Pivote table

b)      Goal seek

c)      Graph

d)     Scenario

36)  Filter option is used to ….

a)      Arrange data in alphabetical order

b)      Arrange data in numeric order

c)      Arrange data in chronological order

d)      Extract the records that meet given criteria

37)  The formula =if(A1>B1, A1-B1, B1-A1) gives

a)      Larger one from cell A1 & B1

b)      Positive difference of A1 & B1

c)      Contents of A1

d)     Contents of B1

38)  How do you display updatable current date in MS Excel?

a)      DATE()

b)      TODAY()

c)      NOW()

d)     Ctrl+;

39)  A function inside another function is called

a)      Nested function

b)      Round function

c)      Sum function

d)     Text function

40)  What are the different views to display a table?

a)      Datasheet view

b)      Design view

c)      Pivot table and pivot chart view

d)      All of above

41)  In a database table, the category of information is called

a)      Tuple

b)      Field

c)      Record

d)     All of above

42)  This key uniquely identify each record

a)      Primary key

b)      Key record

c)      Unique key

d)     Field name

43)  ….. enables you to view data from a table based on a specific criterion

a)      Form

b)      Query

c)      Macro

d)     Report

44)  A database language concerned with the definition of the whole database structure and schema is

a)      DCL

b)      DML

c)      DDL

d)     All of above

45)  In Microsoft PowerPoint in order to see all the slides on one screen you use

a)      View, slide sorter

b)      View, slide

c)      View, master

d)     View, slide show

46)  What are the three options available in Insert >> Picture menu

a)      Clipart, Pictures, Shapes

b)      Clipart, From file, Shapes

c)      Clipart, From file, Autoshapes

d)     Clipart, Pictures, Autoshapes

47)  Which of the following font effect is not available in PowerPoint font dialog box?

a)      Underline

b)      Shadow

c)      Emboss

d)     Strikethrough

48)  Full form of HTML is

a)      Hypertext Markup Language

b)      Hotmail

c)      Hypertext Mail Language

d)     All of above

49)  In HTML ….. tag is used for linking an external document

a)      <src>

b)      <anchor>

c)      <a>

d)     <include>

50)  To set the background color we use

a)      <body text=“color”>

b)      <body=“color”>

c)      <body bgcolor=“color”>

d)     All of above

Best of Luck !!!


  1. Vuvan Bhatta says:

    Thank u

  2. Sharad Parajuli says:

    question nu 38.

    answer must be CTRL+; in option no. B there is not given =today()
    which is correct please clearify

    • Ctrl+; shortcut is used to insert current date in the selected cell and remains same forever (Doesn’t update according to system date) and today() is the function used to display current date and update itself according to the system date, so it is the correct one.

      • Ishu says:

        sir 38 ma TODAY() RIGHT ANSWER BHAYE =TODAY()hunu parne hoinara sir? fari CTRL+; pani right cha .

        • Ishu says:

          Sir, 47 ko question ma font effect is not available in PowerPoint cha but office 3 ma font effect cha tara office 7 ma font effect navayera only font matra diyeko cha. kun answer right ho sir?

          • There is Text Effects in Office 2003 not Font Effect and in Office 2007 there is Font Tab with Effects Heading inside it with various font effects if you combine Font tab with Effects containing in it, it will be Font Effects.
            I think the question in Q.No. 47 is asked based on Office 2003, so the right answer is d) Strikethrough

        • = (equal to) sign is required for each formula and everyone knows it, so it is not necessary to show = (equal to) sign in option.
          CTRL+; inserts constant current date in selected cell and remains same forever until you change it, but the question is clearly asking for updatable current date which means date should be automatically updated according to system date which can be achieved by TODAY() function.

      • AKil says:

        Sir, question ma updatable bhaneko 6, tyo bhanepachhi ta manually nai update garna milne hoina ra? ani manually update garna ko laagi CTRL+; use garnu parchha hoina ra?

        • Updatable means automatically updatable in the context of this question I think, when you use TODAY() function you don’t even have to press CTRL+; to update the date, excel automatically update the date itself according to system date.

  3. komal says:

    sir vertual computer kasari? yo anusar 40 milxa sambhawana kasto rahala?

    • Physical device is useless without software (ie. OS) because application software can not run directly on the physical device.
      Operating system create a virtual computing environment from the physical computer for other software.
      I think at least 45 questions must be answered correctly to get listed so you have less possibility to get listed but don’t be hopeless.

  4. suman says:

    21) Which tab in Font dialog box contains options to apply font effects?

    ans may be “text effect”

    because, In my view the question says inside font dialog box. there is a text effect tab in the font dialog box. we can not found the font effect in Font tab inside the font dialog box.


    • Text effect tab is used to apply text effects not font effects and the question is about Font Effect not Text Effect.
      To apply font effects there are options available inside Effects heading in Font tab of Font Dialog Box so, in my opinion the correct answer is Font Tab.

  5. dilli says:

    Which of the following font effect is not available in PowerPoint font dialog box?

    a) Underline

    b) Shadow

    c) Emboss

    d) Strikethrough
    answer (d) ko strikethrough hunu parnema kasari (c) ko Emboss bhayo sir

  6. Mala khadka says:

    ict treds ko mcq ma strike through is not available in PowerPoint font diolog box vanay hunale maile thei paday .thei exam ma leke pani ayele answer ma chai emboss is not available vanay xa.please justify me about the condition.if so the belief over authenticity of ict trend would be destroy.???????????’”

  7. Tek Narayan Mahato says:

    sir mero 48 mileko cha katiko possibility xa KTM dekhi exam deko.

  8. 47 ko answer strikethrough huncha

  9. bhim says:

    47 ko ta D haina ra sir?

  10. bhim says:

    sir 47 ko ta D haina ra?

  11. Gone says:

    hajur ko answer sheet anusar 46 question haru mileko xa pkr bata name niskinxa hola ra ?

  12. rajiv yadav says:

    RAJPUR DIPAYAL bat 44 ma khula ma aauchaki dai

  13. Chandra says:

    i am from Dipail..
    i correct 46 and 4 is wrong
    i get 45.2 marks

    mero chance kati cha?

  14. biyog111 says:

    just 40 answer matched out of 50 how possible in reserve seat (Aadibasi/janajati) From Kathmandu

  15. Suman says:

    Q. What are the units used counts speed of a printer
    A. contrast B. PPM
    C. DPI D. BIT
    SIR, ans. option D. net ma diaxa
    correct answer ke hunaxa, sir

  16. Bhim Bahadur B.C. says:

    In Powerpoint dialog box Strikethrough is not available. Emboss, Underline, Shadow, Subscript and Supersctipt are available. Thos Strikethrough is Right answer.

  17. shree krihna says:

    Function to get sum of the contents of the cells A1, A2, B1, B2 is ….

    a) =sum(A1+A2+B1+B2)
    b) =sum(A1:B2)

    sir i think option a is correct. option a generate the sum of all cells of row A and then come to row B

    • shree krihna says:

      Function to get sum of the contents of the cells A1, A2, B1, B2 is ….

      a) =sum(A1+A2+B1+B2)
      b) =sum(A1:B2)

      sir i think option a is correct. option b generate the sum of all cells of row A and then come to row B

    • Both of the option a) and b) give the same result, but in option a) you don’t need to use the sum() function to add values in the cells.
      Only entering =A1+A2+B1+B2 in formula will return the sum, using =sum(A1+A2+B1+B2) returns the correct result but not good practice.
      You not only have to choose the correct answer but the best answer among the correct answers.
      That’s why in the context of this question the best answer is option b) =sum(A1:B2).

      For example if you want to sum the values in cells from A1 to B5 which formula will you choose (keep in mind that both give you the same result).
      a) =sum(A1+A2+A3+A4+A5+B1+B2+B3+B4+B5)
      b) =sum(A1:B5)

  18. Navin Adhikari says:

    in question no 22 what about option b isn’t is a right ans

  19. shree krishna says:

    Q) to secure file and folder
    a. setup password b. user password
    c. system password d. startup password

    got confused which one is correct?

    • Setup password is used to prevent users from making changes in BIOS.
      System password is used to prevent users from booting computer system.
      User password is used to protect user settings, files and folder.
      Startup password is used to prevent user from starting OS or application.

      Now you decide which one is correct.

  20. shree krishna says:

    sir 2073/2/32 ko exam ko answer post garnu na

  21. Narayan Budha says:

    sir ko solve pani gardinu na conform garnu man lagyo..

  22. ram says:

    question no.8 tolired software kasari hunxa office tw package software hoina rw?

  23. asna says:

    sir, ma mgmt ko student hu , maile computer ko basic course matra gareko xu. yo com operator ko exam dina ko lagi book matra study garera didi hunx ki maile computer ko advancce or diploma course pani join garnu perla? kasari exam ma ramro garna sakinx ? +2 ma computer science ho sir maro. plz sir i need your help.

    • All the curriculum of PSC Computer Operator exam is covered by +2 Computer Science Subject and practical exam is covered by basic computer course, so if you are good in the computer subject then you don’t have to join advanced course but study the books available in the market and practice yourself and don’t forget to google if there is any confusion.
      Best of Luck !!!

  24. bijaykumar says:

    result kahe la aau 2073 ko liya exam ko

  25. Man Bdr Sijapati says:

    How to read of computer operator which is a good books written and which is books buy to me.

    • Sorry I don’t know which book is good and which one is bad, but don’t depend only on books, try to study other materials too like visiting websites, google your questions etc.

  26. Dinesh Dahit says:

    Si i want to learn computer operating at ktm.would you tell which is the best institude.

  27. prameshor dhungana says:

    sir ..
    aabu next exam koile hunxa inform garnah milxa

  28. Rajesh sharma says:

    Can you tech me download option

  29. I know result of com.operator result from pokhara in 2072

  30. sujan kumar says:

    sir namaste yauta question le bahut tens gareko x
    This Question of Google
    (1) Regrading a VDU, which statement is more correct?

    (a) It is a output device
    (b) It is an input device
    (c) It is a peripheral device
    (d) It is hardware
    सर यसमा हुनत answer output device (a) but सुरूमात It is hardware त्यसपछि It is a peripheral device र त्यसपछि It is a output device हो । sir हामीले खास यसलार्इ कुन कुन case मा It is hardware, It is a peripheral device, It is a output device मान्न सकिन्छ please give me correct answer. I wait your answer thanks sir

    • The best suitable answer is a) It is an output device, because a peripheral device include input as well as output devices and hardware refers to all physical parts of computer (input, processing and output devices)

      If there are more than one correct options, choose the option which is more specific to the given question.

      What is cache memory?
      a) Storage device
      b) Primary memory
      c) high speed memory
      d) secondary memory

      In above question Cache memory is a storage device, primary memory and high speed memory, but the best answer is high speed memory because all storage device and primary memory may not be high speed memory.

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