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Computer Memory

A memory is just like a human brain. It is used to store data and instruction. Computer memory is the storage space in computer where data is to be processed and instructions required for processing are stored.

The memory is divided into large number of small parts. Each part is called cell. Each location or cell has a unique address which varies from zero to memory size minus one.

For example if computer has 64k words, then this memory unit has 64 * 1024=65536 memory location. The address of these locations varies from 0 to 65535.

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Number System

When we type some letters or words, the computer translates them in numbers as computers can understand only numbers.

A computer can understand positional number system where there are only a few symbols called digits and these symbols represent different values depending on the position they occupy in the number.

A value of each digit in a number can be determined using

  • The digit
  • The position of the digit in the number
  • The base of the number system (where base is defined as the total number of digits available in the number system).

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Computer Port

What is a Port?

  • A computer port is a physical docking point using which an extenal device can be connected to the computer.
  • A computer port can also be programmatic docking point through which information flows from a program to computer or over the internet.

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Computer Terms and their Meanings

Some Computer Terms:

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3D reference use this reference to analyze data that is in the same position on multiple worksheets in the same workbook
ALU Carries all mathematical and logcal decisions
Antivirus software  

“A computer program used to scan a computer’s memory and disks to identify, isolate, and eliminate viruses”

App Typically used to describe a software program on a smartphone or tablet computer
Application A computer program designed for a certain type of work like word processing
Application software “A category of software programs that helps you perform a specific task such as word processing (can also be called application programs, applications, or programs)”

Class Notes: Fundamental-1

Computer Fundamental:-1

What is Computer?

Definition of Computer: Computer is an electronic device that is designed to work with Information. The term computer is derived from the Latin termcomputare’, this means to calculate. Computer can not do anything without a Program. it represents the decimal numbers through a string of binary digits. The Word ‘Computer’ usually refers to the Center Processor Unit plus Internal memory.

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